We are committed to providing appropriate services for LGB and T* communities. As part of this commitment we have employed a Research and Development worker We hope to create services to be LGB and T* inclusive and if the need is expressed and funding can be obtained, specific services for LGB and T*

We are raising staff awareness of LGB and T* issues, changing heteronormative and cisnormative practices (in other words) doing things in ways that don’t assume heterosexuality and cisgender as the norm.

Another aspect of the work is to raise awareness of domestic abuse. Whilst it is important to acknowledge that most LGB and T* relationships are loving and equal, many are not. 1 in 4 LGB &T* people will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lives and yet the take up of specialist abuse services is very low. This means that LGB and T* people are living with abuse without the support they need, and increasing their risk of danger and deterioration in mental and physical health.

We are also aware that domestic abuse can occur within families. Parents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles can be abusive and this abuse can be due to homo/bi/transphobia.

We also recognise that whilst the experience of domestic abuse is the same for everybody, LGB people will experience domestic abuse differently, as will Trans* people.


For more information contact Becky Wakefield on 07841913168


Help us to get it right for you, please fill in the our first questionnaire about LGB and T* domestic abuse provision.  You don’t have to have lived experience of domestic abuse to complete it.  Thank you for your input.  We will publish the results in March 2017, here on our website.



Please return to:  b.wakefield@pdvg.co.uk


Find out more about our work in this short interview with Becky Wakefield talking about the LGB and T* experience of domestic abuse.